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Intelligence isn’t fixed.

Better grades are achievable for EVERYONE. By developing a growth mindset and using effective study techniques you can improve your grades.

Believe in yourself.

Become a motivated, resilient learner with a belief in your ability to achieve (this isn't just positive thinking - research shows what we believe about ourselves impacts our academic achievement).

Work smarter not harder.

Learn which study techniques work and which ones don't. All our advice is backed by evidence and has been tested with hundreds of our students.

Achieve your goals.

Set your academic goals and develop a study plan so you can smash them!


With Rachel’s help, my daughter quickly learnt how, what and where to find resources to study. She was working for less time but so much more confident and clear on what she can achieve. 

I highly recommend this course. Rachel is incredibly motivating and understands how to communicate to teens.

Sonia, Mum to Year 10 Student

As a guardian of Chinese students in the UK, Rachel has worked with a number of my students, on study skills, Oxbridge applications and interview preparation.  She's excellent at what she does and has made a real difference to the results of my students.

Lulu Han, Principal, Genesis Educational Planning

I enjoyed the fact it wasn't like school. I was in a group with other students and it was a fun course. It was practical and I learned ways to make my study loads better and take more in.  Plus I got to choose how I wanted to do it and I started to do better in tests at school after the course.

Hanson, Year 12 Student.

What a difference!  It's given her focus and got her motivated to study.  It's also been good for her (hidden) anxiety as it's helped her to be much more confident in her abilities.  I also don't feel like I'm nagging so much because there's a plan she's working to.

Parent of Andrea, Year 11.

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