Mindset Lab Story


How Mindset Lab Started 

  • Research by cognitive psychologists shows that the most commonly used study techniques are ineffective.
  • Few students are taught how to study effectively, how to plan their time and how to manage stress in order to achieve academically. 
  • This combined with real life experience which shows time and again, that the people who are successful are often not the most talented, the most intelligent or sometimes not even those who work the hardest - they're the ones with the right mindset who work effectively.  
  • Reflecting on the skills that she had learned in business - in particular those of goal setting, time management, growth mindset and resilience - Rachel thought how useful it would be to deliver these skills earlier in life and the idea for Mindset Lab was born.    

What is the Mindset Lab

  • We are a place where people are inspired.
  • We are a place which energises and motivates
  • We are a place where people learn how to study and plan effectively so they can achieve their full academic potential.
  • We are a place where people make new peer connections so they can discuss shared challenges and leave with a support group where they can achieve together.  
  • But more than that we are a mindset.  We know our results are achieved by the decisions and the actions we control, and by the extent to which we are prepared to invest in ourselves.