Book Recommendations

Make it Stick - The Science of Successful Learning
Peter C. Brown, Henry L.Roediger, Mark A. McDaniel

You are Awesome
Mathew Syed 

Atomic Habits 
James Clear 

Make it stick book cover



Why we love it:
Great book on evidence-based study techniques.  The authors share the techniques that work, the science behind why they work and practical examples to help you apply them.


Why we love it:

An inspirational read, this book contains stories and examples from the author to demonstrate the power of self-belief.  It also contains simple, practical exercises which are perfect for teens.  

Why we love it:
Great book on the power of marginal gains which are the small changes that we can all make to our habits which can have a remarkable impact on our results.
Who's the book for?

Teachers and tutors mainly but also keen parents and students who want the detail behind why certain revision techniques work and others don't.  

Who's the book for?

Whilst aimed at younger teenagers, I think this is a great book for teens of all ages and adults too!  It's for anyone who would like a boost of self-belief in an easy-to-read book.

Who's the book for?

Older teenagers and adults looking to be inspired to build new habits and to reconsider current ones which aren't helpful.

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