Should I get a Tutor or an Academic Coach?
It depends on the students needs.  Tutors are excellent at helping students with subject specific knowledge in their specialist area.  An academic coach helps students who are struggling in two or more subjects where the challenges are not subject specific e.g. they aren't sure how to study effectively, are struggling with motivation, time management, lack self-belief or are struggling with stress/anxiety.  Some students I work with also have a tutor and this can also be effective.  

How long are the group coaching sessions?
These are all 1 hour long.

How long are the individual sessions as part of the Group Programme?
These are 30 minutes long. 

How long are the individual coaching sessions in a bespoke Individual Programme?
These are all 1 hour long.

What degree of parental support is required?
- The idea of a successful coaching programme is to build your teen's intrinsic motivation, mindset and study skills.  This is so they can step up, and you can step back and allow them to forge their own path.
- Parents are invited to the Family Review Call which is 30 minutes at the end of every 6 week block.  

What will be discussed in the Family Review Calls?
This is where the Coach, Student & at least one Parent get together on Zoom for 30 minutes for a review of progress.  This isn't like a teacher's report card, this meeting is to support the student to celebrate their wins and for them to highlight areas where they may want to do things differently.  This is a supportive review as a team of adults, where everyone is united behind the same objective - to support the student achieve their potential.  

I have two children - can they both join the same group?
To get the most from the programme they will need individual support as well as group coaching sessions.  If they would both like to join then they will each need to purchase a space.  Often families choose for siblings to go into different groups but this is not a requirement.  

My son/daughter would be better with 1:1 coaching support - is this available?
Unfortunately, there is limited availability for 1:1 slots and these tend to be booked up in advance but always enquire if this is something you are interested in.  We will do our best to accommodate this where we can.

Is the Coach Enhanced DBS checked?
Yes all our coaches are Enhanced DBS vetted.  

I can no longer attend the remaining sessions of my course, can I receive a refund?
If you are unable to attend the remaining sessions of your course, then you are able to join another cohort group and complete the remainder of the course at a later date.   

Are the Group Coaching sessions recorded?
No they aren't recorded because this is a LIVE programme.  Replays are rarely watched in full and they also generally have poor engagement, so we ask that all students attend the sessions live in order to get the most from the programme.

What if I can't make a Group Coaching session?
If you can't make a session you can move to another day in the same week.  If you can't make any sessions that week, don't worry you will receive the slides and next steps via email.  

It sounds great, but I still have questions
Don't hesitate to get in touch and we can discuss your questions. 

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